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Dr. Jörgens from Germany performs dental treatment in Tazania

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eating and drinking habits are changing, life expectancy is growing, and as a result, diseases of the teeth and the gums are on the rise all over the world.
In many parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, however, people do not have access to proper dental care. Especially in remote areas, many suffer for months, some even for years, from easily treatable teeth or gum pain.

To fight this growing problem, action medeor presents the Mobile Dental Unit. Housed in a solid suitcase and weighing only 28 kg, our Mobile Dental Unit possesses everything a dentist needs to operate in alternating locations. Robust, compact and easily transportable, the Mobile Dental Unit enables dental treatment in remote areas. All it requires is a simple power supply. Now, dental treatment can reach those who need it the most, and everything at a reasonable price!

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The mobile dental unit includes a turbine socket, an air motor socket, a saliva ejector, a scaler, a curing light, a 3-way-syringe, a 1l water bottle, a used water bottle, a 550W compressor, a fan, and two foot control pads.

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Instrumenten für die mobile Dentaleinheit

Complementary products
To function, the mobile dental unit requires burs and instruments, which are not included. These products are however also part of our product range, please contact us for further information!

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In case of any questions or problems concerning our online catalog, please contact our team. We are pleased to assist you personally.

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