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Dear partners of action medeor,

approximately 830 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnacy and childbirth according to the WHO. 99% of maternal death cases happen in developing countries, often, they are caused by the lack of professional equipment during pregnancy.

action medeor works all over the world to improve mother and child health service and provides obstetricians with affordable and high quality medicines, medical supplies and devices. Here are a few of our products in focus:

The Midwife’s bag of action medeor
Compact, easy to transport and affordable, the Midwife’s bag (Art. 95120) of action medeor contains an extensive and high quality range of products tailored on the specific needs for the treatments of mother and child. This way, professional midwifery can reach remote areas. Besides multiple instruments for diagnostics and examination, necessary utensils for the delivery, for example a glucometer, a forceps and an infusion set, are also included. Find further information about the midwife’s bag and a complete inventory on MediCat:

The Midwife's bag on MediCat >

Maternity bed
This two-part maternity bed (Art. 40040) for delivery is new in our product range. The bed is tailor-made for a long-term use because of its robust construction, washable cover and easy-to-use design. It is, then, perfectly adapted for health stations and small hospitals.

The maternity bed on MediCat >

Ultrasound machine Mindray DP-30
To help with the examination of mother and fetus, action medeor provides the ultrasound machine Mindray DP-30 (Art. 40401). The device is simple to use and stands out with its applicability in various other medical sectors besides gynecology and obstetrics. With its small and compact design, the device can easily be transported. This way, it can be used in both health stations or small hospitals as well as in the field.

The ultrasound machine on MediCat >

If you have questions or problems concerning our online catalog, please contact our team. We are pleased to assist you personally.

Kind regards,

Stefan Marx

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