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Pakistan schoolchildren are educated about hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases such as Hepatitis C

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on July 28th, it’s World-Hepatitis-Day. Looking into the different types of hepatitis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C create major health challenges for the infected people. According to the WHO, these two forms alone affect 325 million people globally. Hepatitis B and C are chronic liver infections, which, if left untreated, can develop to a liver fibrosis or a life-threatening liver cirrhosis. Untreated hepatitis B and C are also root causes of liver cancer, which is responsible for 1.34 million deaths every year.

Treating the disease in time is difficult, since the first infection is often symptom-less. The infection can then stay undetected for years, sometimes even decades. According to the WHO, only 20% of the cases of hepatitis C and only 9% of the cases of hepatitis B were diagnosed in 2015. In developing countries, the lack of access to medical care makes an adequate and timely treatment even more complicated.

Rapid tests for hepatitis B and hepatitis C
As emergency dispensary of the world, action medeor too, is engaged in fighting against hepatitis. To enable and facilitate the diagnosis of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, we provide the rapid tests Hexagon HBsAG for hepatitis B (Art. 65660) and Hexagon HCV for hepatitis C (Art. 65650). These tests make a quick and cost-effective first diagnosis possible. Please note that because of their short expiry date (24 months), we can only make order-related commands. Find more information on the rapid tests on our MediCat:

The rapid test for hepatitis B >    The rapid test for hepatitis C >

Besides further information on the rapid tests for hepatitis B and C, the MediCat also contains our entire product range, our current prices and a convenient way to place your orders. Our laboratory requirements includes other rapid tests for further diseases, for example rapid tests for malaria (Art. E2424) and more.

Laboratory requirement on the MediCat >

If you have questions or problems concerning our online catalog, please contact our team. We are pleased to assist you personally.

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Stefan Marx

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