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Dear partners of action medeor,

all over the world, the number of people afflicted with diabetes is increasing constantly. Although this metabolic disorder seems typical of industrial countries, in Africa too, the number of cases has doubled in the last 30 years. In countries such as Zimbabwe, diabetes is nowadays responsible for 1% of the deaths. A late diagnosis of diabetes can have grave consequences for different organ systems and bodily functions, which lead to complications and comorbid diseases. For this reason, diabetes should be detected and treated as soon as possible, but, often, the disease is diagnosed too late or not at all.

Our glucometers and test strips
To diagnose and monitor diabetes, even in remote areas, action medeor provides two glucometers with their respective test strips. With their simple, convenient and fast measurement of blood glucose, the Glucometers Medisign MM1000 (Art. 61340 61345) and the Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HbA1c BioHermes A1C Ez 2.0 (Art. are an indispensable part of every medical equipment.

Our special offer: buy 10 packages of Medisign MM1000 test strips and recieve the Glucometer Medisign MM1000 for free!

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Our antidiabetic medicines

Besides the diagnosis and the monitoring of diabetes, action medeor also wishes to enable a better treatment of the disease to its partners. Therefore, action medeor provides safe and high quality antidiabetics. Our portfolio includes drugs for oral treatment such as Glibenclamid, Gliclazid und Metformin tabs. More medicines, dosages and quantities are available on request. All medicines sold by action medeor are in accordance with our uncompromising quality requirements.

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Our articles against cardiovascular diseases

Hypertension is one of the most frequent comorbidities of diabetes und has to be treated as well in every adequate care of the condition. Therefore, action medeor also provides diverse medicines against cardiovascular diseases, in addition to our antidiabetics. Furthermore, action medeor delivers affordable medical equipment, for example digital and analog blood pressure monitors, for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Find out more about our products on our online catalog:

Our cardiovascular medicines >
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If you have questions or problems, please contact us. We are pleased to assist you personally.

Kind regards,

Jürgen Blocher

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